Politilady’s STD Guide

A lot of people have written to me about what to do when they get STDs and possibly how to avoid getting them.  There are hundreds of posts about that and if you really need to you can easily find a link to a local std clinic near you here.

This post is about how to live your life after you get and STD and the mental anguish that comes with it.  First of all, know that you are now part of a very large percentage of humans who ended up getting infected with an STD.  Congratulations, why don’t you slap yourself briefly for being so retarded.  After you’ve let the sting wear off you can start to feel normal; it’s actually a very common thing these days and there are millions of other people walking around that have also been infected.  If you’ve slept with a handful of people in 2014 then you most likely have been exposted to HPV.  Depending on what disease you were infected with, you may have to deal with them differently but we will give you a quick run down here.

Syphilis – you don’t have to worry too much, as long as you catch the infection early, you will be able to find yourself taking a prescription for a week or less and be clear of the infection.  Some reasons that people don’t get rid of syphilis is that they are embarrassed but don’t be embarrassed because not dealing with the disease can cause it to stop you from being able to have babies.

HPV – the human papiloma virus is the most common infection among humans today.  THere are over 500 strains of the virus identified by scientists today but only 2 of them account for 90% of the infections.  Some versions of HPV aren’t ever seen, but they do give the ability of the infected male to cause cervical cancer within females .  Another popular version of the strain produces what we call genital herpes, and although it is technically not bad for your health, it can make unsightly scars and cause a mental strain.

HIV- if you are infected with HIV you will most likely get AIDS and die.  We strongly recommend against getting HIV but if you do, the only way you can live is if you are magic johnson rich.  HIV/AIDS medication is very, very expensive and most insurance companies will not cover its coverage price.

Herpes – getting infected with this virus is extremely unfortuante.  Due to the reason that these are viral diseases, you will never be able to get rido f it once you get infected.  Herpes can only pass from one to the other while open sores are there, so be sure to inspect all sexual partners before hand and avoid any obvious diseases.  Herpes flare ups can be reduced with medication but the disease plagues millions of people.

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