Personal loan to invest: is it worth it?

Looking for personal credit to invest? First, you must know what type of investment you want to make: personal or in your business. Or even looking for capital to start your own business. Financial planning at this time is the secret to finding out if personal credit will be worth it or not. However, it is important to know where you will invest as well!

Fundico lists below some points that can help you in this choice:  


After all, what is your goal?

First, even before financial planning, you must know what your goal is with personal credit. This will help you not only in focusing your business plan, but also in defining what the best line of credit will be.


Personal credit to invest in new business?

So your focus is to open your own business? If you do not have CNPJ or MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur), personal credit will be the best way out. Depending on the investment you want to make, a secured personal credit line ( learn more here ) can meet your goals well. If the investment for working capital is relatively low, the loan offered by Fundico, for example, may be more interesting.


What if I invest in stocks?

This topic is sensitive because investing in stocks requires more than money. If you are interested in entering the stock market and understand how the routine of a stock exchange, such as the BMF & Lovespa (São Paulo Stock Exchange) works, we suggest you take the free and beginner course offered by the institution. . But be aware that if someone offers you an investment with a high risk-free financial return, this is a lie! So be careful of scammers.


So is it worth it?

When we start our own business all the efforts are worth it. Even more so when we see our own business dream come true. However, as we said, if you are taking personal credit for investment in the stock market, be cautious and know where you are going.


Always remember the most important thing: CET

Regardless of which personal credit line you choose, pay attention to Total Effective Cost (CET) . After all, what good is a low interest rate if with all tariffs, the CET will double?

Loan Applications Inquiry

Although borrowing from banks seems to be quite difficult lately, it is actually quite easy if you follow bank policies. If you have not experienced a problem between banks, there is no obstacle to using the loan if there is no disruption in your payments and your credit rating is positive and high.

However, there are some situations, even if your credit rating is high, you may have difficulty in attracting credit. One of these cases is the number of loan applications. Applying for a loan, applying repeatedly, will reduce the credit rating, as it will be seen by other banks, and can be regarded as a negative situation during the credit withdrawal phase.

What is the number of loan applications?

loan applications

The number of loan applications can be considered as the total sum of the loans you have made to banks. If you have made an application from a bank, you should remember that this application will be seen by all other banks. Since all the applications and results you make on the common screen of the banks will appear, unfortunately, your frequent applications will unfortunately reduce your credit rating considerably. For this reason, the possibility of using credit will be reduced for those who have more applications.

For example, all transactions you make in a bank are recorded. These records are shared with all banks and a credit registry is created. Applying frequently and especially rejecting these applications will be reflected on the screen of the bank employee when you apply for a loan from other banks and the possibility of approval of the loan will decrease. In this case, we have discussed what to do in the continuation of our article.

Number of Credit Applications

Number of Credit Applications

If you want to know about your past loan applications to banks, there are some ways to do this. Banks can record your transactions for a certain period of time and communicate them to you. If you would like to inquire about the number of loan applications and learn, you can choose the following steps.

Customer Service: You can call the bank to which you have applied for a loan and learn about the bank applications you have made between certain dates. If you wish to receive these applications as a document, you can request that the details be sent to your e-mail address.

Internet Banking: If you use one of the internet banking products at the bank where you apply for a loan, you can learn all of your loan applications along with your customer number. At the same time, you can learn the applications that you have made from the inquiry page of the application results from the banks’ websites.

Number of Applications Learning and Application Details

Number of Applications Learning and Application Details

During the course of learning the number of loan applications, if your number of applications is too high, you should wait for a while to delete them. The number of applications is deleted on average between 3 and 6 months and is removed from the common screens of the banks. However, if you want to use credit without waiting within this period, you can take a look at our list of banks that give credit to those who have more applications, you can use credit without waiting. In addition, we should remind you that the credit rating should be higher than the number of applications.

Financing your first home

In the draft Budget Law 2016, the government has provided for the relaxation of the zero-interest loan and the loan for social housing, so that more first-time buyers can benefit from it.

Financing your first home

Financing your first home

Housing Minister Colonel confirmed at the Fnan Congress on December 15: “There are tangible signs of market recovery in transactions and construction. But it became clear to us that accession was lagging behind in tense areas and for young households. Our choice (for 2016) is to consolidate existing processes. “

Special credits exist to facilitate the first purchase of the principal residence, but they do not always meet their public. The government has therefore provided in the 2016 finance bill, relaxation of the zero-rate loan and social loan accession, so that more first-time buyers benefit.

A soft zero rate loan

A soft zero rate loan

The state-funded free-of-charge (PTZ) loan complements conventional financing and reduces the cost of your first principal residence. The PTZ is granted under means condition, it allows to finance an acquisition in the new or in the old with works.

Take the example of a couple with two children who wants to buy his first apartment in La Rochelle for 200,000 euros. He will be able to benefit from a “free” loan of 52,000 euros. The government decided, last November, to give an additional boost to first-time buyers. In 2016, it could represent 40% of the cost of the operation against 18 to 26% today.

“The goal is to distribute an additional 55,000 PTZs next year, and to go from 65,000 to 120,000, including more than 10,000 additional ones in the old one,” Colonel said at the Fnan Congress. The modifications made to the existing formula will be voted within a few days in the next budget law.

Main improvement of the system: the increase of the income ceilings which will allow a greater number of borrowers to be entitled, the extension of the deferred payment of the credit which would go from five to fifteen years, against zero to fourteen years today, for a maximum loan term that remains twenty-five years.

There is no more geographical restriction for the purchase in the old with works. The list of cities in which one could benefit from the PTZ to complete the financing of an old property has disappeared. With this expansion, the public authorities want to encourage future owners to reinvest abandoned centers in small towns and to participate in their renovation. However, by setting a minimum of 25% of the work in the total cost of the operation, the government could miss its target.

The “social accession loan” aligned with the PTZ in 2016

The "social accession loan" aligned with the PTZ in 2016

First-time buyers can also benefit from a so-called “PAS” social housing loan, granted on a means-tested basis. In 2016, these will be aligned with those of the zero interest loan to open this financing of the principal residence to a greater number of first-time buyers.

SSP is not a discounted or free credit, it is a conventional loan granted by a bank or financial institution that has signed an agreement with the State. “The PAS is an option of a conventional loan, it must be asked to his bank, explains Speaker, communication manager of the broker Good Lender. This allows subscribers to receive or continue receiving housing benefits (APL) and thus reduce repayment payments. “

Find the right real estate loan quickly and accurately

A very significant proportion of home builders and homebuyers are not interested in dealing with real estate financing. The reasons are different, but mostly the lack of enthusiasm has to do with the fact that many more tasks are pending. In addition, most people do not know much about this topic, which is often a deterrent.

Financed through the house bank

Financed through the house bank

As a result, is often financed through the house bank – in the hope of being offered there a loan on good terms. Whether a loan offer is good, however, can not be easily assessed, this comparison offers are needed.

Exactly why it is recommended to make financing inquiries with further potential lenders. Those who do without this step and conclude without prior comparison may give away a lot of money.

It works without a banking marathon

It works without a banking marathon

Nevertheless, it is not necessary to get involved in the so-called banking marathon and to visit countless banks in order to describe their own project in detail each time. A much better method is to use our building services. As an established provider, which has been successfully operating in the market for many years, we know exactly what is important in real estate financing.

Our service is characterized by several features. A key element is the neutral advice – we act as an independent provider, which can fall back on financing offers of more than 400 banks. In the first step, we always focus on optimizing the financing of our customers, taking personal needs into account.

In the next step, the loan search takes place, which we take over completely. That is, our experts review the market to identify the banks with the most attractive financing options. For our customers, this means finding a suitable real estate loan quickly and at the same time unerringly.


Real estate loan, comparison

Real estate loan, comparison


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Quick Credits and Quick Loans – Vacation Loans

There is little time left for the August holidays and everyone deserves a break, if possible outside the home. Many times this period of disconnection cannot come because the lack of money prevents it but there are several options to achieve it and enjoy a few days of relaxation to recover from work and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In this article, we explain how to get the money you need for your holiday period with the help of Loanforpay.

While there are several ways to get a certain amount of money all of them require an extra work that should be added to daily tasks and that will steal time to the planning of daily activities and the free moments of the day, which will result in a greater stress, fatigue and a worse coexistence with family and friends.

All this can be sacrificed temporarily when the lack of money is an emergency and there are no more possibilities of achieving it. But in the case we are dealing with, it is possible to obtain the necessary financing in a fast and comfortable way, something that you should start planning as soon as possible since when hiring a trip or a hotel, the advance is important so that the price to pay is lower. In this way, they increase the chances of getting the best deals in any holiday destination.


How to get the money you need for your August vacation

How to get the money you need for your August vacation

Before starting the search for financing it is necessary to know exactly how much money will be necessary. You must calculate the amount of the round trip and add some additional means of transport that may be necessary and not taken into account at first, such as airport transfers by taxi, for example. The travel offers usually include the plane or train ticket and sometimes the hotel but not the excursions or the leisure plans that each client chooses.

Spending on food has also to be calculated, adding an estimate per menu for lunch and dinner, since in many hotels breakfast is included. The prices are not the same in all restaurants and you may also want to try other recipes, so it is advisable to make these estimates with a certain margin in the budget.

Other additional expenses are tickets to museums, events, attractions, the purchase of gifts, clothes or any other utensil that is needed. We must also count on forgetting: it is common to leave at home the products that we use the most and to which, for everyday reasons, we do not pay attention to them.

It is preferable to buy soap, shampoo, gel and perfume in the place of destination and in small quantities, remember that the planes do not allow liquids and, of traveling in another means of transport, they are objects that take up a lot of space. Once everything has been calculated, it is best that over and not missing. The excess money will provide more peace of mind.

Taking all this into account, is when the search is undertaken.


Where to find money for vacations?

vacation loan

Mini-credits offered through the Internet are the best option. In Loanforpay we offer you all the necessary information and the means to request a loan quickly, comfortably, simply and safely.

When applying for a loan over the Internet, it is not necessary to explain what the money’s destination will be, only to meet the conditions required by each lender. These are usually very flexible and available to almost everyone, as long as they are of legal age and provide the necessary data to identify the holder of a bank account.

The basic requirements that are demanded are:

• Be of legal age
• An identification document
• Have a bank account
• Have a stable income.

It does not necessarily have to be a payroll , the income may come from another source but it has to be shown that it does exist. In the case of being included in a list of defaulters or having incurred any default beforehand, the lender will decide in each case, although many are the applicants who get financing in this situation. Another aspect that is not taken into account in Loanforpay is the guarantee , whether personal or bank: no need to present any document of this type, so that the procedures are simplified and streamlined.

In addition, through Loanforpay you will get more money and facilities once you have become a trusted client, that is, after having returned the first loan requested within the established period.

You will find many options to quickly get the money you need and enjoy peacefully your August vacation. Apply for your loan online in just a few minutes and without leaving home.

Where to get a loan without refusal right now

When a bank refuses to lend, do not despair. There are many other financial organizations that can issue a loan without refusal, but the borrower will have to take a number of measures that increase the chances when considering the application. Faced with difficulties in obtaining approval from the bank, you will need to analyze the situation and contact the organization, the most loyally disposed towards the borrower.

Why are banks denied a loan

Why are banks denied a loan


From a negative response from the bank no one is insured. According to statistics, about 80% of applications the bank rejects. This makes it possible to consider other lending options in other financial structures, having first found out what reasons could have led to refusal.

The reasons may be hiding in various fields:

  • claims to the identity of the borrower, inconsistency with the parameters of the bank;
  • damaged credit history or its complete absence;
  • overstated amount or too long period;
  • there are no documents required for processing a loan for the selected program.

Most of the problems can be resolved by selecting a financial institution with low requirements for the client, his income and the required documents. If you wish, you can find a lot of programs issued on a single passport.

If the borrower does not comply with the parameters of the financial institution, it is most likely that they are refused due to the following reasons:

  1. Age No credit structure will give a loan to a minor, but it is still possible to find programs available for older persons, subject to the provision of additional security, a guarantor, insurance, or having received an obligation to return the loan to the bank in a short time.
  2. Registration address . Recently, this requirement has less and less influence on the creditor’s refusals; however, the lack of registration in the region of contacting the bank’s office can adversely affect the decision making.
  3. Claims to employment may be associated with instability of earnings, not a reliable reputation of the organization, the inability to confirm the availability of work and salary. The lender must make sure that it is possible to return the borrowed funds in full and on time. Nevertheless, many structures apply for loans without submitting the necessary certificates, focusing on other indicators.
  4. Grievances against the credit history are also surmountable, because the CII contains information for the last decade, and if there are recent delays in previous loans, you can use CI correction programs or choose a cash loan without failure, based on information about the bank.

In any case, if a refusal was received in one or several banks, it is time to adjust the actions and select a creditor with a high percentage of approval of applications from borrowers.

And you refused to bank loans? Yes, this is a problem! Not…

How to increase the chances of approval of the loan

How to increase the chances of approval of the loan



Collecting information on where to get a loan without refusal should take into account the previous negative experience of consideration of the application and take measures that increase the likelihood of a positive decision.

The following information contains recommendations on how to increase the chances of getting a loan:

  1. When submitting a request, you need to specify only valid information. Having revealed a deception or hushing up of problems with a credit history, a bank employee will refuse to register.
  2. If there is an opportunity to provide a car or an apartment, other property as collateral, it is necessary to inform about it.
  3. By submitting a comprehensive package of documentation, the client provides an opportunity to check its consistency and readiness to be responsible for credit obligations.

Where can I get a loan without refusal

Where can I get a loan without refusal


An alternative to banking programs is to contact microfinance organizations. Applications approve in almost 100% of cases, and funds are transferred almost instantly.

When you need to make a loan without refusal right now, and the amount required is small, the best way out will be to contact an MFI. Due to the high risk of fraud, you should be careful when choosing a lending organization, trusting only trusted sites and organizations that have positive feedback and a good reputation.

Most applications for MFIs are sent online by filling out a form with personal information and information about the required amount. Money is received in cash, by card or by money order. It should be borne in mind that the interest on microloans many times exceeds the bank overpayment, therefore borrowing from an MFI is possible only for a short period of time.

When applying to a microfinance organization, it is necessary to take into account that the amount so easily allocated to all requires a timely return along with interest. Microloans are not suitable for long-term lending due to excessively high overpayment, which requires financial discipline and firm confidence that the credit line will be quickly closed.


Studies aborted: tips for financing a livelihood

Sometimes the termination of a study is inevitable, for example because the field of study does not fit or the career aspiration changes. In addition to questions about how students envisage their further careers and which universities are eligible for a change of course, the financial situation has to be clarified:


  • What about Bank and other cash benefits?
  • Which repayments are required?
  • Can a second study be re-sponsored after graduation?
  • What about the justification of the change of subject and from when does the Bank office have to be informed?


Questions about questions that even the most experienced student usually can not answer immediately. This guide is used to clarify the financial issues of a change of study. It shows the most important steps and explains which benefits are granted during the second degree program and which are not.

Bank and student loan after dropout

Bank and student loan after dropout

Graduation canceled: How long does the student Bank receive after leaving the university?

The Bank 53 sentence 1 no. 2 stipulates that Bank’s claim ends from the month in which the decision to drop out of studies is made. Even if the discipline changes, but the new course is not started immediately, the law will apply.

If you do not want to leave at the end of the month because you want to keep your student status, then the Bank Office must continue the period of approval. Depending on your earnings, this can lead to a repayment obligation until the time of the termination notice .

Does the Bank office have to be notified of the demolition?

As soon as it is certain that the university will be vacated or the degree program changed, the report will be displayed at the Bank office . A late notification may result in a repayment obligation. The following steps must be followed if a student wants to end his studies unscheduled.

  • Decision for discontinuation of study
  • De-registration at the university
  • Notification to the Bank office with proof of de-registration

What effects does the discontinuation of the study have on the repayment of the student loan and the Bank?

What effects does the discontinuation of the study have on the repayment of the student loan and the Bank?

Many students are afraid that they will have to repay immediately the full subsidy amount if they drop out of university. Those who have to pay tuition fees have to pay a considerable amount over a longer study period. Regardless of whether the study is terminated or canceled, only the loan share is repayable. The repayment of the Bank is due five years after completion of the study period. The Federal Office of Administration informs ex-students half a year before the repayment due date. It is possible to apply for a provision if the income is insufficient at this time. The Federal Office of Administration must be informed about changes of address, otherwise the address has to be determined.

Note A student loan granted by a bank is subject to stricter rules. If the study is terminated, the repayment usually has to be done quickly . Banks are not accommodating and demand reimbursement without taking into account the ex-student’s financial situation.

Can Bank or a student loan be applied for repeatedly when starting a new study?

Can Bank or a student loan be applied for repeatedly when starting a new study?

It is possible for a new study, after a drop out, to receive Bank. Even if the field of study has been changed, services can be requested. But there are some conditions to fulfill.

The change of discipline must have taken place after the third semester. There must also be an important reason. If the change takes place after the second semester in the bachelor’s degree program, there is an important reason for a good reason and no written explanation is required.

The new study program will be funded, but the already used semester will be credited. Part of the standard period of study is then supported by an interest-bearing loan. If the change of course is carried out for an unavoidable reason , this rule does not apply and Bank will be granted until the end. Undeniable reasons are mental and physical illnesses or new disabilities.

The change in the master’s program is much more difficult . Only if there is an unavoidable reason, there is a chance for further funding. Otherwise, all benefits will be credited to the new Master.

Note A student loan can be re-applied if a second degree course is planned. An incomplete degree is considered unfinished. Thus, the new study is considered as a first degree. Student loans are intended, among other things, to support students who, for various reasons, no longer receive Bank or need financial help.

Can the scholarship be kept?

Can the scholarship be kept?

There is no flat-rate regulation on the repayment of scholarships. The scholarship is awarded by a foundation and is linked to benefits . Some foundations have contracted that payments made need not be reimbursed. If there is a clause in the contract stating that a reimbursement is required if the service has not been provided, the money will be reclaimed.

Financing options and government grants

Is it possible to continue working as a student assistant?

Is it possible to continue working as a student assistant?

Many students go along with studying for a second job. These include the popular activities as a student assistant, who have to pay attention to a wage limit as a student. These jobs are reserved exclusively for students who can present a valid enrollment certificate . The submission at the beginning of the activity is not sufficient, each semester a new certificate must be submitted.

If the study is terminated, the activity as a student assistant can not be continued because no enrollment certificate is available. The exception is the change of degree program : The change of degree programs does not matter, because a new enrollment takes place.

Continuing to work student jobs depends on the goodwill of the employer. It is necessary to inform them immediately about the exmatriculation , as the amount of the social security contributions changes. There are contracts that bind the execution of the job to a valid enrollment. However, there are also employees who want to keep a working student and continue to employ him as an employee.

Is it possible to do the previous part-time job without studying?

Is it possible to do the previous part-time job without studying?

If you’re a student doing a 450-euro job or a part-time job, you do not need to worry about being dismissed after you’ve been de-registered . These jobs are not tied to the studies and can be continued after the demolition. In order to avoid any problems, the employer should nevertheless be informed about the dropout.

Who breaks off his studies, should know the rights and obligations regarding the Banks.

Is there a right to maintenance from the parents if you drop out?

Is there a right to maintenance from the parents if you drop out?

As a matter of principle, parents are obliged to provide maintenance to their children . This is valid until the 18th birthday and is extended by taking up an apprenticeship or a degree course. The basic requirement is the capacity of the parents . If the study is terminated, the student loses the maintenance claim. He is therefore responsible for his own livelihood.

It is possible that the parents are obliged to finance another study. This means that the parents have to pay again as soon as a new study is started . The possibly free period between two studies can only be subsidized by the parents on a case-by-case basis. Whether this is the case is decided individually according to the situation. As a general rule, dropouts are required to take care of their own livelihood. They are required to accept jobs, even if they do not match the level of education.

As a maintenance debtor, parents can decide for themselves how their livelihood will be subsidized. Cash payments are possible as well as the offer of free food and lodging. Despite possible friction, the respectful interaction between parents and children is of great importance to prevent quarrels about maintenance issues. Under what circumstances a claim to the parent-independent student loan depends on various criteria.

Married students do not have a maintenance claim against their parents because the spouse is under maintenance obligation.

Is there a right to ALG II after termination of studies?

Students who still have a job after dropping out can apply for housing allowance as a supplement if their livelihood is not assured. Students without a job or with a job who do not have enough salary despite housing allowance are entitled to ALG II . The application must be submitted to the responsible job center.

Whether and to what extent benefits are granted by the Employment Agency depends on the living situation . The income of persons living with the dropouts in a household community can be counted. This does not apply to roommates in a student flat, because it is assumed that a special purpose community.

tip If a new course of study or vocational training is started, the entitlement to ALG II has expired. The reason for this is that study and training can be supported with Bank or BAB. Thus, trainees have the opportunity to receive financial support during the training. For the decision, it does not matter if the actual claim to Bank was forfeited. In hardship cases, ALG II can be granted as a loan to secure a livelihood.

Which other grants can be applied for?

Which other grants can be applied for?

If the study is terminated, it is possible to receive housing benefit . This is granted if there is no proven entitlement to Bank . This is the case, for example, if the subject was changed too late or for no good reason. Before the application for housing benefit is made, an application must be filed for Bank. The application for housing allowance must be accompanied by proof that no Bank subsidy is possible.

Does the student have a claim to child benefit after leaving university?

Does the student have a claim to child benefit after leaving university?

Young people under the age of 25 are entitled to child benefits if they are in education, studying or demonstrably seeking education. The right to child benefit during the study exists in principle. After the termination of studies, child benefit can continue to be paid if the transitional period lasts no longer than four months until the next study. This period may exceptionally be extended if a place already exists, but this can only be started later. This is the case, for example, if the beginning of the semester is later. If no further studies are planned, the child benefit will end in the month in which the exmatriculation was carried out.

tip The parents are entitled to child allowance, but a declaration of assignment can be made so that the child receives his own child benefit. Whether the child allowance is granted after dropping out depends on various factors.

Which credit options are available?

Until potential applications have been made or a job has been found, time passes which can be financially scarce for the ex-student. In this emergency situation, our credit can help for 30 days. The payment can take place within 60 minutes on request and reliably bridges a bottleneck . New customers can apply for up to € 500 for a period of 30 days. Depending on the situation, it is possible to extend the term. This increases flexibility and eliminates the financial pressure of bridging an incomeless period.

What other funding options exist after dropping out?

What other funding options exist after dropping out?

Even if further studies are planned, a period of unemployment must be bridged. If it is no longer desirable to study, many students apply for a job full time. The advantage is a regular salary and social security . If you are looking for a job for a short period of time, short-term part-time jobs or jobs that can be completed during your further studies are suitable.

Training courses are a great way to bridge a gap between the end of one and the beginning of your next degree. If you want to learn a profession, you can try to find a training place after graduation.

Special cases and insurance in case of drop-out

Special cases and insurance in case of drop-out

How is financing designed after discontinuation due to illness or pregnancy?

If study at the university has to be stopped due to illness or pregnancy, Bank can continue to be obtained for a period of three months. The subscription ends at the end of the 3rd month. The month in which the change occurred is fully funded . The student is required to provide evidence of his reasons for prevention.

If the study has to be interrupted for more than three months, a leave of absence is necessary . This leave of absence is considered an official interruption of studies and terminates the claim to Bank. A repayment of the above three months is not required, even if the sick leave is issued retroactively for this period. The student on leave has the possibility to apply for ALG II. It should be noted that the right to ALG II applies from the month the application was made.

How are the health insurance contributions organized?

How are the health insurance contributions organized?

How it goes with the health insurance after the de-registration depends on the type of insurance. Private insured students usually have no impact. An exception is when half of the insurance comes from the parents’ official allowance. This half falls away after graduation, the student has to pay for the difference.

With the discontinuation of the study , the statutory compulsory insurance is omitted . Students who have been insured through their parents or as a student until their exmatriculation automatically receive the status of voluntary, statutory health insurance. With the status change, the costs change. The lowest health insurance contribution was € 135.57 in 2016 and is calculated on the basis of a notional income. This is set at 1,000 euros and applies if the student does not have his own income. In addition, fees for long-term care insurance must be paid.

The study termination must be communicated to the health insurance company immediately. From this period, the student has the option to withdraw from his health insurance for 14 days. This is possible if proof of another insurance option is provided.

If a new study is accepted, the student remains in his old insurance. When taking a job subject to social insurance, the insurance is provided by the health insurance company. The purchase of ALG II includes health insurance through the Jobcenter . Young people under the age of 23 can stay in family insurance, even if they are unemployed.