Personal loan to invest: is it worth it?

Looking for personal credit to invest? First, you must know what type of investment you want to make: personal or in your business. Or even looking for capital to start your own business. Financial planning at this time is the secret to finding out if personal credit will be worth it or not. However, it is important to know where you will invest as well!

Fundico lists below some points that can help you in this choice:  


After all, what is your goal?

First, even before financial planning, you must know what your goal is with personal credit. This will help you not only in focusing your business plan, but also in defining what the best line of credit will be.


Personal credit to invest in new business?

So your focus is to open your own business? If you do not have CNPJ or MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur), personal credit will be the best way out. Depending on the investment you want to make, a secured personal credit line ( learn more here ) can meet your goals well. If the investment for working capital is relatively low, the loan offered by Fundico, for example, may be more interesting.


What if I invest in stocks?

This topic is sensitive because investing in stocks requires more than money. If you are interested in entering the stock market and understand how the routine of a stock exchange, such as the BMF & Lovespa (São Paulo Stock Exchange) works, we suggest you take the free and beginner course offered by the institution. . But be aware that if someone offers you an investment with a high risk-free financial return, this is a lie! So be careful of scammers.


So is it worth it?

When we start our own business all the efforts are worth it. Even more so when we see our own business dream come true. However, as we said, if you are taking personal credit for investment in the stock market, be cautious and know where you are going.


Always remember the most important thing: CET

Regardless of which personal credit line you choose, pay attention to Total Effective Cost (CET) . After all, what good is a low interest rate if with all tariffs, the CET will double?